October 8th, 2009

EHR Market is one analyst’s view of EHR (Electronic Health Records) market – the tools and standards, methodologies and best practices, industry issues and emerging trends, and the seemingly aimless wanderings of the EHR vendors and standards organization.  EHR Market is written by Pejman Makhfi, an independent industry analyst and consultant focused on Life Sciences and Healthcare specific Technologies and Business Processes.

My Bio

Pejman is a Silicon Valley technology veteran, serial entrepreneur and angel investor in the high-tech industry. Pejman has more than twenty years of progressive experience in providing consultancy services and best practices to entrepreneurs, technology investors, and forward-thinking Startups.

Widely known as a leader in the field of Business Process Improvement and Knowledge Modeling, Pejman has an extensive background in the software, financial and life sciences industries and has been the key architect for several award-winning industry leaders, such as FinancialCircuit and Savvion.

Today, Pejman is the Director of Venture Development at Singularity Institute, Managing Director of a private angel group and is a member of Venture Mentoring Team where he provides assistance and guidance to several early-stage companies.

His background includes executive position at TEN, a top Silicon Valley technology incubator hosting more than fifty Start-ups. Pejman managed TEN’s R&D as well as advised startups on the issues and trends affecting early stage and emerging growth companies. Since its inception, TEN has helped launch of over sixty Startups, including eBay, iPrint, Xros, Vertical Networks, Right Works, and Intruvert Networks.

Mr. Makhfi holds a B.S./M.S. degree in Computer Science from Dortmund University in Germany and is a Scrum Master, an internationally licensed Project Manager (PMP) as well as a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) in continuous business improvement. He has authored multiple Patents and standards and is an active contributor to organizations such as “IEEE Neural Networks Society”, “American Association for Artificial Intelligence” and “American Society for Quality”.

Mr. Makhfi is the author of numerous articles, including Heptalysis – A Methodic Approach to screening investment opportunities in private sector.

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